About Butler Cade – Film Makers

About Butler Cade – Film Makers

Butler Cade Films - Peter Cade

Peter Cade

Peter began filming on 16mm in the 1980s.

For the last twenty years he has built a very successful stills career, working for countless large agencies and particularly through Getty Images who market 5000 lifestyle images on his behalf.

Peter has the ability to plan and execute complex shoots at home and overseas.

He also plays a major part in Direction and storyboarding new work.


Anthony Butler

Anthony combines technical and creative skills.

Over the last 10 years Anthony has been filming sports, action, commercial and more recently lifestyle, both for clients and self produced and distributed documentaries. Anthony also specialises in freelance ‘in water’ videography.

Anthony plays a major part in the production, filming, post production and delivery of Butler Cade Films work, with recent experience shooting, editing, clearance, and delivery of our first TV commercial.

Recent work includes:

  • Tony Smith Vs The Calorie
  • Baby Studio Showreel
  • Everyone Active – Plymouth Life Centre

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