August in Brittany

After a busy year with lots of new experience, clients, footage, techniques and equipment, we’ve realised it’s time to up the game with regards to our online presence.

Butler Cade Films - 4k People Our new and responsive website will give you a good idea of what we do and what we’ve done.

One thing we really want to get across is how we work with people, how we get the most out of actors and models, and that we don’t let all the new angles, equipment and gizmo’s distract from the most important thing – the subject, the people, and how they come across to the viewer.

We focus on everything from props, wardrobe, expressions, body language and composition, which can easily be overlooked with too much focus on equipment and gimmicks.

We’re looking forward to another busy and varied year, and we’ll keep the content coming, with more portfolio of work, updated showreels and a growing client base. If your interested in our work, need a video producing, or just want to make an enquiry please get in touch via our contact page.

Thanks to Afina Cornwall for creating the site for us!

Recent work includes:

  • Tony Smith Vs The Calorie
  • Everyone Active – Plymouth Life Centre
  • Baby Studio Showreel

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