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Butler Cade Films - Don't Stop Running

Part of Butler Cade Films speciality is the ability and experience to shoot in and under the water in most situations.

Both Pete and I (Anthony) have over a decade each of filming and photography from in the water with everything from tropical lifestyle, to extreme sports to fictional action scenes.

We have recently acquired our second water housing for 4K and high frame rate 1080 cameras with a range of lenses.

If it’s appropriate for your film, the in-water angle can really enhance the viewing experience – getting close to the action and immersing the viewer into water action sports, conveying the pristine location of a holiday destination or just being able to follow a subject in and below the surface!

I had my first experience shooting ‘in water’ for a low budget feature film recently. Shooting a river, crossing, river fight and almost drowning scene for ‘Don’t Look Now’ in 4K 24p.

This was a new experience for me as I have always shot lifestyle and action sports ‘in water’ and the challenge of shooting a fictional linear scene was very exciting, different and rewarding.

To get everything to come together, camera movement (including in and out of water), actors performance, and nature’s unanticipated obsticals is a great feeling.

You can see the trailer here:

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