What our independent film company does

What We Do

Recent work includes:

  • Everyone Active – Plymouth Life Centre
  • Baby Studio Showreel
  • Tony Smith Vs The Calorie


  • We can come up with fresh ideas for your business / production, help develop your ideas into finished videos, or film your completed video concept.
  • We can take on all or any stage of the process from concept, shooting, post production to finished film delivery.
  • We believe that integrity and honesty is an important part of the business process.

What can we do?

  • Source models, actors and presenters.
  • Source locations.
  • Props, clothes, styling and make-up. (We have a vast collection of clothes and props).
  • Provide a studio.
  • Supply your film in whatever form is needed (web ready video file, HD video file, DVD).
  • DVD Authoring.


We use a variety of different equipment to bring any angle or shot needed.

  • Movement – we use steadycam, jib, sliders, hand held and tripod to bring a variety of different movements to your production.
  • In the water – both Peter and Anthony are highly experienced ‘in water’ video and photography specialists who are comfortable in all water situations.
  • From the air – using new drone technology to bring you stunning aerial shots.
  • 4K we have been using the latest 4K technology to bring capture pin sharp, high detail to our productions.

How much do we cost?

Sorry, we don’t know! – because every job is different and requires different personnel, organisation and equipment.

It is our aim as an independent film company to be as efficient and productive as possible to bring you the best value for your budget. We keep our clients by producing work above and beyond expectation within budget.

Our clients include:

  • Butler Cade Films - Clients - Nike
  • Butler Cade Films - Clients - O2
  • Butler Cade Films - Clients - Plymouth Council
  • Butler Cade Films - Clients - Saga
  • Butler Cade Films - Clients - Thompson Holidays
  • Butler Cade Films - Clients - Volvo
  • Butler Cade Films - Clients - Everyone Active
  • Butler Cade Films - Clients - Animal
  • Butler Cade Films - Clients - Britany Ferries
  • Butler Cade Films - Clients - Devon Cornwall Police
  • Butler Cade Films - Clients - First Choice
  • Butler Cade Films - Clients - Green Circle

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