Into Advertising

Late last summer we undertook a lifestyle family shoot for a new client – Brittany Ferries – to increase their video content.

Butler Cade Films - Brittany Ferries AdvertWith a very successful shoot, the decision was made to turn some of this footage into an advert for their Republic Of Ireland Campaign. Not the usual process for creating an advert, but after some promising initial cuts, the clearance process and post production began. Throw in another early autumn couples shoot, and a second advert for the campaign was decided.

Navigating round both the UK and Republic of Ireland clearance system was interesting to say the least, but now we have the experience of taking two adverts from concept, through post production, clearance and finally delivery.

We’re certainly looking forward to the challenge of developing an advert from initial concept and using our new experience to take it right through to delivery once again.

Recent work includes:

  • Tony Smith Vs The Calorie
  • Everyone Active – Plymouth Life Centre
  • Baby Studio Showreel

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